31 Mar Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Delivery Management Software


With all the buzz surrounding on-demand delivery options, it’s easy to forget that the value of these services transcends the hype. While the benefits to the consumer are clear, many are left wondering if the rat race of keeping up with on-demand delivery expectations is helping or hurting small businesses. As consumers, we love what’s going on – who doesn’t want to think of a burrito only to unwrap it minutes later without the hassle of leaving home, or forgetting a girlfriend’s birthday only to have the local florist instantly deliver a bouquet of roses? But we also understand that as small and medium size businesses, you’re challenged to deliver on consumers’ increasing expectations. Analyzing the data across the hundreds of thousands of deliveries Onfleet has powered in the past few months has convinced us that streamlining processes can turn those pains into profit. In today’s smartphone-based world, the right mobile apps and dispatching software is a critical aspect in streamlining your deliveries. Here are some of the key advantages of having a delivery management software for your fleet.

Customer Expectations

As customer expectations for convenience are increasing with the availability of on-demand experiences, many retailers are struggling to keep up. Fast moving consumer goods, for example, generate revenue because the obstacles to purchasing them are low, while the availability is usually high. This works great when you place a bag of M&Ms next to the cash register at a local drug store, but in today’s world, the equivalent of your items’ placement is the speed at which you can deliver. If you’re a small business selling cookies or handmade items, you’re no longer competing with the other stores on your block. You’re now competing with an exponentially increasing number of sugar cravings, most of which can be catered to instantly. Onfleet has helped hundreds of businesses, from startup to enterprise, cater to those expectations by reducing delivery costs as much as 20% through improved driver efficiency and reduced real-time support requirements.

Efficient Communication

Most of our clients were already providing either scheduled or on-demand delivery before our work together began. To manage fulfillment, most were using pen and paper, phone calls, and messy spreadsheets. The rest were using clunky enterprise software from the 90’s. In the case of one of our clients, the time needed to take an individual order, document it, pass it on to the driver, communicate back to the customer and follow up on an order meant that one employee spent an average of 12 minutes per order. And with every link in the chain, the risk of miscommunication increases exponentially. Onfleet helped them get that number down to 1 minute and cut the error rate in half. Streamlining the workflow not only reduces risk of miscommunication, but frees up your team to be proactive instead of reactive, and to provide a better customer experience. Your drivers know exactly what they’re taking and where; your support team is on top of every active delivery; and you get some time to enjoy a box of Doughbies cookies with peace of mind.

Driver Data


Another hiccup we noticed with the manual process that some small businesses have been using is that it leaves room for another type of error: self-reporting. Whether you pay your drivers per hour, reimburse them for mileage while they’re on the job, or have some other arrangement, you need to have an understanding of their driving costs. Most small businesses have their drivers self report by writing down their mileage at the beginning and end of a shift. This leaves room for overspending and misinformed data for forecasting and budgeting. The sensors in your drivers’ smartphones, from the GPS to the accelerometer, can collect data that provides you with timely insights about individual and team performance, and allows you to more accurately compensate your drivers. Onfleet surfaces this data in an intuitive, actionable way.

How Onfleet Can Help

Many businesses waste resources because the alternative options are too high. Onfleet makes the most cutting-edge technology accessible, affordable and, most importantly, efficient and delightful so you can focus on your business. We’ve interviewed hundreds of stakeholders – drivers, customers, and operational teams – to obtain a deep understanding of the most effective way to design the process. From day one, Onfleet has been designed with you in mind. Our product is simple to use, so you won’t need any technical gurus on your team. You won’t need to waste months trying to figure out if this is the right product for you. Our free tier and volume-based pricing make it easy to experiment with, and you’ll instantly see the results with more efficient communication, smoother deliveries, and delighted customers.

If you’d like to find out more about our software, sign-up now and we’ll follow up with you as soon as we can!

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