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09 Mar Onfleet Helps Foxtrot Deliver “The Good Life”

Almost as soon as Foxtrot opened its doors for business in 2014, its innovative perspective on gourmet indulgences and basic kitchen necessities proved to be a hit with the Uber generation. What initially attracted Chicago’s bustling young professional crowd was just that fact alone: there were no physical doors to open.  

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29 Feb Introducing Route Optimization – Delivering Delight Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

After months of hard work and close cooperation with many of our customers and partners, we’re very excited to announce the release of Onfleet’s advanced Route Optimization engine.

Route optimization allows you to quickly create timely, intelligent, and efficient delivery routes. Our algorithm considers your delivery locations, time windows, real-time and historical traffic data, road speeds/restrictions, and driver schedules.

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24 Feb On-Demand Startups that are Secretly Characters from Downton Abbey

At first glance, the day-to-day existence of an Edwardian-era Yorkshire aristocrat bears scant resemblance to that of a modern Silicon Valley technophile. Not so! The innumerable conveniences afforded by On-Demand startups have succeeded in bridging the glaring generational, geographic, and Grantham-y gaps that divide the two. In a historical twist that would have surely left the Dowager Countess with a perma-scowl, the ubiquity of smartphones and VC-funding have extended such luxuries as personal chefs, drivers, and butlers to the common plebe—no pedigree required.

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09 Feb How Super Bowl 50 Impacted the On-Demand Economy

Super Bowl 50 was a week-long party for those of us lucky enough to call the City by the Bay home. Tourists from all corners of the country started flocking in early last week, choosing to spend their hard earned money at the biggest event of the year. Denver and Carolina fans alike enjoyed fireworks, free concerts, pop-up bars, and countless NFL events across San Francisco.

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03 Feb 1M Deliveries Later: Learnings from the trenches of the On-Demand Economy

Here at Onfleet we enjoy a unique vantage point into the inner workings of the On-Demand space. After hitting our 1 millionth delivery a few weeks ago, we’ve accumulated quite a bit of data on what it takes to excel at local deliveries in the modern age. While consumers demand faster deliveries, driver tracking, and reliable ETAs, businesses are looking for novel ways to reduce costly inefficiencies and regain control over their last-mile delivery logistics.

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30 Jan The On-Demand explosion of 2015…and what’s coming in 2016

While 2015 may have been the year of the goat, to many tech pundits, it was the year of the On-Demand startup. With unprecedented investor interest and round the clock launches of “Uber for X” services to get consumers what they want, when they want it, wherever they are, the On-Demand economy has all but revolutionized the way we go about our lives.

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17 Dec Working Remotely Can Be Hard, But it Doesn’t Have to Be

With the holiday season upon us, people are traveling home to their families and a lot of us at Onfleet are taking work home with us. The Onfleet team will be visiting their friends and families in Moscow, Hamburg, Dubai, Toronto, New Jersey, and other cities around the world over the next few weeks.

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16 Dec 7 UX Commandments

User experience is the most valuable piece of product design here at Onfleet. But working in an agile mode, releasing weekly features and improvements while keeping things under control becomes tough. That’s why we needed to establish a set of rules that everyone on the team can understand and apply in our day-to-day work building the best delivery management software.

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01 Dec When Bonativo met Onfleet

Scrolling through Bonativo’s range of regional produce and specialty foods is akin to spending an afternoon at a farmer’s market. Accompanying each item, from buckwheat bread to rosemary goat cheese, is both a detailed list of ingredients and an actual backstory behind the product and the local people that make it.

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