24 Feb On-Demand Startups that are Secretly Characters from Downton Abbey

downton abbey

At first glance, the day-to-day existence of an Edwardian-era Yorkshire aristocrat bears scant resemblance to that of a modern Silicon Valley technophile. Not so! The innumerable conveniences afforded by On-Demand startups have succeeded in bridging the glaring generational, geographic, and Grantham-y gaps that divide the two. In a historical twist that would have surely left the Dowager Countess with a perma-scowl, the ubiquity of smartphones and VC-funding have extended such luxuries as personal chefs, drivers, and butlers to the common plebe—no pedigree required.

 Mrs. Patmore — Head Cook

Startups: KitchitChefmadeKitchensurfing, Farm Hill, Sprig

downton abbey

 Mr. Carson — Butler

Startups: AlfredGoButlerMagicOperator

downton abbey

Dr. Clarkson — Physician

Startups:  Pager, TalkspaceDoctor On Demand, Heal

downton abbey

Branson — Chauffer

Startups: LyftUberShuddleChariot, ClickMechanic, Honk

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.44.17 PM

 Mr. Bates — Valet

Startups: zTailorsStitch FixStyleSeatSuit SupplyStyle Lenddownton abbey

 Nanny West — Domestic Care Provider

Startups: UrbanSitterSittercityCare.comHonorRover, Dog Vacay

downton abbey

 Anna — Head Housemaid

Startups: HandyCleanlyWashmenLaundryheapWashplusdownton abbey

Tim Drewe — Tenant Farmer

Startups: FarmigoHungry HarvestImperfect ProduceOooobyGrubMarket

downton abbey

 Dowager Countess of Grantham — Floral Hobbyist 

Startups: UrbanStems, BloomThat, BloomNation, Farmgirl Flowers

downton abbey

George Murray — Lawyer

Startups: UpCounsel, Lawyers On Demand, Casetext, Clerky

downton abbey


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