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07 Feb Onfleet Zapier Integration out of Beta

Onfleet integrations with Zapier

We are pleased to announce Onfleet’s Zapier integration is officially out of Beta! Zapier is the fastest and easiest way to integrate directly with Onfleet and hundreds of other popular web applications, all without writing a single line of code.

Dozens of Onfleet organizations have used the Zapier integration to create tasks automatically from Shopify, Google Sheets, Wufoo and other services, and we’re super excited to announce the official launch!

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14 Dec A Season of Giving

The Guardsmen’s famous holiday tradition gets a little help from Onfleet this Christmas

For almost 70 years, members of the San Francisco-based non-profit, The Guardsmen, have been donating their time and resources to provide underprivileged youth with something special to celebrate during the holiday season. Composed of civic-minded young professionals from around the Bay Area, The Guardsmen have been raising funds for student scholarship and camping programs since their founding in 1947.

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Onfleet + Food Connect

17 Aug Food Connect Provides for the Hungry During Election Season

With the nation swept up by the excitement and drama of another election year, it can become easy to overlook the fundamentals that define our country’s citizens – a sense of camaraderie and equality – even as voters gear up to approach the polls in November. With the media tracking candidates’ diverse opinions over national and international affairs, those unfortunate citizens who live below the poverty line can often be overlooked.

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Meadow Case Study

13 Jul With Onfleet, Meadow Delivers the “High Life” to California Patients

In today’s world, negative views on the long-controversial application of marijuana for medicinal purposes have finally begun to recede, paving the way for emerging companies to provide cannabis and a wide variety of its derivatives to patients in need. However, pioneering this newly-recognized and increasingly profitable market comes with many daunting challenges.

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16 Jun With Onfleet, Everything’s Coming Up Roses for Flowers for Dreams

When buddies Steven Dyme and Joseph Dickstein first conceived of an on-demand florist startup while still in college, neither dreamed that what started as a summer project for extra cash would evolve into a game-changing model for how flower delivery itself could function. Or how it could represent, as the two now view it, “a successful case study in profit and purpose working together.” But in only a few short years, that is exactly what Chicago-based Flowers for Dreams had become.

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13 Jun 8 characters from #OITNB that could make it in the Gig Economy

According to the American Bar Association, there are over 45,000 laws (or “collateral consequences”) in the United States that restrict the activities of those with criminal pasts. This obviously makes employment opportunities for ex-felons scarce—often requiring re-entrants to settle for low-skill jobs with no flexibility and little hope for advancement. Leaders in the Gig Economy, most notably Uber, are hoping to change this by pushing for less stringent regulations surrounding the hiring of non-dangerous individuals with criminal records.

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08 Jun Outsourced vs. In-house Delivery? We Did the Math

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find that a number of “Delivery as a Service” companies have popped up in recent months, all vying to take over your last-mile delivery operations. Tread cautiously. With promises of enhanced transparency, lower overhead, and the ability to pay as you go, come costs which often fail to scale.

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25 May In the Furniture Delivery World, Onfleet Gives AptDeco an Extra Leg to Stand On

When AptDeco launched in 2013, its concept was simple, yet incredibly innovative—connect buyers and sellers of quality home furnishings on an online platform that eliminates the need for participants to meet up face-to-face. In the age of Craigslist, the allure of secondhand shopping without having to interact with faceless strangers or click through hundreds of poorly-curated listings made AptDeco a quick success.

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28 Apr Re-plate Turns Abundance Into Fraternity with Onfleet

Ever wonder what becomes of all the leftover food generated by restaurants, conferences, grocery stores, and employer-catered lunches each year? Sadly, the vast majority heads straight to the landfill. Despite an abundance of both food and wealth, unequal resource distribution means that one in every four Bay Area residents faces hunger on a daily basis.

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